Maximize Your Bar or Restaurant’s St. Patrick’s Day Profits

St Patrick's Day in St. Paul and Minneapolis Bars and RestaurantsSt Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. That means corned beef, cabbage, green beer, and a lot of celebrating! For our friends in the restaurant and bar business, this can be a high volume day!

15quartbrazierNothing says St. Patrick’s Day like a bowl of corned beef and cabbage and a cold beer. Your patrons are looking for traditional Irish food to enjoy on this holiday. The number one searched recipe on Google around St. Patrick’s Day is corned beef and cabbage. The recipe for corned beef & cabbage by Tyler Florence on the Food Network is as good as it gets!  Rapid’s 15 qt. heavy-duty brazier pot is perfect for preparing corned beef & cabbage. This brazier is on sale this month at Rapids Restaurant Equipment for just $39.99!

16 ounce heavy duty beer glass on sale at Rapids Restaurant Equipment St. PaulMake certain your establishment is ready for the surge in patrons – stock up on bar glasses, tableware and flatware. To help you maximize those St Patrick’s Day profits, Rapids Restaurant Equipment has the traditional 16 ounce beer glass by Libbey on Sale. A case of 24 glasses is just $66.25.  This is a heavy-duty, heat-treated beer glass. Also on sale through March are 60 ounce Cambro beer pitchers for just $6.99 each. At these prices you will want to stock up for the rest of the year! Cambro 60 ounce beer pitcher on sale at Rapids Restaurant Equipment in St. Paul

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Make Your Beer Green In The Keg

Your green beer supply doesn’t have to be limited by which distributors are participating – if you have a party pump (and if you don’t, buy one from Rapids!), you can make your own! Using a party pump and a keg, you should be able to to pump green dye into the keg along with the air. The best part? Because the system is essentially sealed, there should be no mess!

Watch our how-to video on making your own green beer, but be warned: we have not actually attempted this trick, so it should be undertaken at your own risk!