Sawatdee: Over 30 years of setting the standard in Thai Cuisine

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When you think Thai restaurants in the Twin Cities one name comes to mind, Sawatdee. Sawatdee has been setting the standard for Thai cuisine in the Twin Cities for over thirty years. Owner Supenn Harrison was a pioneer in bringing Thai cuisine to the Twin Cities back in 1983. Over the years Sawatdee has set the standard for all Asian Restaurants. Supenn’s success can be attributed to her hard work, her demand for superior quality and service, her knowledge and understanding her target market, her keen business sense and her caring personality.

Sawatdee has six locations, one in Saint Cloud. Each location offers a little something different based on the demographics of the area. Supenn’s daughter, Cyndy Harrison is a frequent customer of Rapids Restaurant Equipment. I was able to ask her some questions about Sawatdee when she was last in. This is what she had to say about Sawatdee!

Question: On Sawatdee’s website it says that each location offers a slightly different menu to reflect the preferences of each area. Can you give me some examples of the different menu items at each location?

Cyndy: For example, the Minneapolis location offers a lobster dish, while Maple Grove and St. Paul have extensive mixed drink offerings. In addition, spice level tends to be a bit hotter in the downtown locations versus the suburbs. A medium spice is hotter in Minneapolis than in Eden Prairie.


Question: Sawatdee has been around for over thirty years. Did you grow up working there when you were younger?

Cyndy: Yes, I started working at our State Fair booth back when I was about 12. Then as I got older, I worked in every front of the house position. Now I’m the general manager at Maple Grove and Minneapolis. I’m hoping to learn how to make all items on our menus, but that’s only during my free time.


Question: What is the most important thing you learned from your mother about the food industry?

Cyndy: Flexibility. You need to be flexible because this is a very difficult business, things go up and down and you have to adapt.


Question:: What is your favorite part of the foodservice industry?

Cyndy: The people, my staff and our great customers. I also love having something different to do everyday. It’s never monotonous.


Question: What menu item would be your favorite comfort food?

Cyndy:: When I’m sick, Toam Yum soup, it clears my sinuses.


You can learn more about Sawatdee at there website: