The Beverage Dispensers You Need for Serving At Festivals and Events in The Twin Cities

Cambro thermal beverage dispensers at Rapids Restaurant Equipment in St. Paul, MNNobody celebrates winter like we do in Minnesota! The winter festivals are just getting started and if your restaurant, bar or brewery is vending at one of these events you will need quality beverage dispensers for keeping your hot beverages hot and your cold brew dispensing correctly.

Cambro Thermal Beverage Dispensers

Rapids Restaurant Equipment in St. Paul, MN has a large selection of Cambro Drink Dispensers ranging from 2.5 gallon up to the ultra 10 1/2 gallon  Camtainer.

Cambro beverage dispensers do triple duty transporting your beverages, holding the temperature of your beverages and dispensing your beverage.  The 10.5 gallon dispenser will yield over 190 7 ounce drinks.  Cambro Drink dispensers feature single molded, seamless polyethylene construction, with a textured exterior that resists scratches dings and dents. More importantly, the interior foam insulation with a nylon over the middle latch provide temperature retention for 4 hours at a time!

Your hot beverages will stay the correct temperature for the length of the Minnesota festival, fair or event that you are serving at.  Cambro beverage dispensers are in stock now at Rapids Restaurant Equipment in St. Paul!

Jockey boxes, beer cooler dispensers, coil and cold plate in stock at Rapids Restaurant Equipment in St. Paul, MNPortable Dispensers for Serving Beer, Wine and Cold Brew Nitro Coffee at Minnesota’s Festivals & Outdoor Events

Taste and quality of your beer, wine or your cold brew coffee can quickly deteriorate when you are serving at an outdoor event unless you are using CO2 or Nitrogen gas to dispense your product. A Jockey Box dispenser allows you to  serve your beverage at an outdoor event without compromising the quality or taste. Rapids Restaurant Equipment in St. Paul, MN carries a large selection of jockey boxes, parts, and accessories allowing you to customize your outdoor beverage dispensing needs. Come in and browse our selection. We also have the equipment and proper chemicals to clean your jockey box lines and taps. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a coil or cold plate cooler, and also depending on the number of beverages you will be serving, you can choose the number of faucet taps, up to 4 per jockey box.

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