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Beer Bar Supplies at Rapids Kitchen Equipment, Minneapolis, St. Paul

Beer Towers

L-shaped, T-Towers, Pass thru

Picnic Pumps & Outdoor Beer Dispensers

Party Pumps, Portable Beer Coolers, Jockey Boxes

Long Draw Beer Systems

Glycol Chillers, Beer Lines, Air shaft Blowers, Tube Insulation, Glycol Solution

Beer Shanks

Brass or Stainless, the right shank to complete any beer installation

Beer Faucets & Tap Handles

Faucets for Beer and Wine. Nitrogen Faucets, Plus Plain or Signature Faucet Handles

Beer & Wine CO2 Regulators

High Quality CO2 Keg Regulators For Top Performing Beer Systems.

Keg Couplers

Couplers, Tappers or Sankeys, System D, European - Whatever you choose to call them, Rapids has you covered

Beer & Beverage Line Hoses & tubing

Vinyl, Poly, Braided or Barrier. Gas and Beverage Lines From Rapid.

Beer Hose Connectors & Fittings

Clamps, Elbows and Other Fittings to Repair or Build Beer Systems

Drip Pan - Drip Trays

Flush Mount,Wall Mount or Counter Top, Brass or Stainless. Drip Trays with Glass RinsersDrip Pans Complete Your Installation

Empty Keg Detectors

Beer FOB Detectors - Never Re-Pack Beer Lines on a Busy Night Again!

Beer Storage Racks & Keg Transport

Keg storage racks, keg spacers, keg stackersm, keg bumpers and keg dollies for easy transport and storing of your kegs

Home Brewing

keg conversion kits and other kegerator supplies available here at Rapids

Draft Beer Accessories

Beer Tap Locks, Glycol Cooling blocks, Beer Faucet Washers, Growler filler, Beer Tap Kleen Plugs, Beer Faucet Tap Handles, Beer Coupling Nuts, Beer Faucet O rings, Beer Line regulators, Beer Line Y Adapter, Beer Faucet shafts, bonnets, jacket handles and so much more.

Beer Line Cleaning

Kegerator Cleaning Kits, Beer Line cleaning chemicals, Beer Line Cleaning Pressurized Bottles, Sankey D-Suystme cleaning bottle cap, ALC acid beer line cleaner, flush out cleaning hose for jockey boxes, Beer Line ph Tester Meter, Draft line cleaning pumps, Stainless Steel 2.4 Gallon Cleaning Can, Beer Line stainless steel 4.8 gallon Cleaning Can

Keg Tools and Hardware

Beer Carbonation Tester, Assembled Beer Shanks, Sankey Keg Wrench, CO2 Wrench, Beer Coupler Replacement Parts, Beer Line Dispensing setup kit, Beer Test Coupler

Bar & Beverage Supply at Rapids Restaurant Equipment Minneapolis, St. Paul

Bar Accessories & Small Wares

Cutting Boards for bars, Waiters Cork Screw, Vegetable Peelers, Fruit Zesters, Bar Condidment Caddies and Bar Garnish Holders, Cocktail Shakers, Bottle Openers, Muddler, Funnels, double jigger shot, Wall Mount Bottle Cap Catchers, Cocktail Stainers, Corkscrews, Bar Ashtrays, Bar Mats, Bar Mesh, Shelf Mats, Shelf Matting, Magic Mesh

Liquor Accessories

Liquor Bottle Pourer, Cork Replacements, Spill Stop Liquor Shot Pourers, Shot Glasses, Bar Maid Shooter Tube Racks, Shooter Tubes, Bomb Cups, Speed Rails, Liquor Shelves, Liquor Display Steps, Double Speed Rails, Liquor Usage Control System, Liquor Inventory Control.

Bar Rails & Glass Racks

Brass Railings, Oak Bar Rail, Brass Rail Fittings, Polished Brass Tubing for Bar Rail, Service Bar Rail Divider,  Bar Glass Racks, Wine Glass Racks, Wine Glass Hangers, Bar Glass Storage,

Commercial Glass Washers, Brushes, Detergents & Chemicals

Submersible electric glass washers,  Glassware Sanitzers, Bar Glassware Detergents and last Rinse, Low Suds Beer Glass Cleaners, Manual Glass Washer, Replacement Brushes for Manual Washer, Replacement Brushes for Electric Submersible Glass Washer

Under Bar Equipment

Underbar Ice Bins and Underbar Ice Chests, Underbar Cocktail Stations, Underbar Sinks, Underbar Combo Sinks, Underbar Blending Stations and Underbar Holders, Underbar Speed rails,

Mobile and Portable Bars

Cambro Portable Bars, Texas Ice Beverage Merchandiser, Mobile Ice Bins, Portable Bar Covers, Merchandiser Beverage Tubs, Keg jackets, Party Coolers

Wine Service / Wine Buckets & Coolers

Wine Ice Buckets, Stainless Steel Wine Buckets, Clear Wine Bottle Chiller, Wine Vacuum Pumps, Wine Saver Corks, Wine Bucket Stands,

Commercial Coffee Pots, Commercial Tea Equipment, Commercial Espresso Equipment

Coffee & Espresso Makers, Coffee Airpots, Coffee Warmers, Coffee Decanters, Urns and Coffee Servers, Commercial Coffee Grinders, Teapots, Tea Urns, Iced Tea Brewers, Coffee Pot Cleaners & Accessories

Commercial Beverage Dispensers

Slushie Machines, Frozen Drink Machines, Smoothie Machines, Cold Beverage & Juice Dispensers, Hot Powdered Beverage Dispensers,

Beverage and Bar Prep Equipment

Bar Blenders, Frozen Drink Blenders, Juicers, Juice Extractors, Glass Rimmers, Salt Rimmers

Bar Towels & Dish Clothes

Dish Cloths, Waffle weave cloths, Glass Drying towels, Kitchen towels, bar towels, flour sack towels

Restaurant Furniture, Minneapolis, St. Paul

Restaurant Seating, Restaurant Tables, Restaurant Furniture sets, Restaurant Counters, Bakery Display Cases, Restaurant Patio Furniture

Concession Equipment, Minneapolis, St. Paul

Condiment Dispensers, Cheese Warmers, Commercial Popcorn Machines, Commercial Warm Butter Dispensers, Hot Food Merchandisers, Cotton Candy Machines, Hot Dog Rollers, Hot Dog Steamers, Hot Dog Rotisseries, Popcorn Kits for Commercial Popcorn Machines, Popcorn Boxes, Popcorn Serving Bags, Hawkers, Humidified Heated Food Merchandisers

Janitorial Supply Minneapolis, St. Paul

Restaurant Bussing Supplies

Bus Carts, Bussing Totes, Bus Tubs, Bussing Organizers

Restaurant Garbage Cans & Waste Disposal

Restaurant Grease Traps, Restaurant Indoor Garbage Cans, Outdoor Commercial Waste Receptacles, Floor Sinks, Floor Troughs

Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Restaurant Cleaning Supplies, Commercial Cleaning Chemicals, Commercial Mop Buckets, Mops & Brooms, Wet Floor Signs

Restaurant Safety

Commercial Fire Extinguishers, Employee Lockers & Security Shelves, Commercial Anti Fatigue & Anti Skid Floor Mats, Restaurant Pest Control, Restaurant Signs, Hand Trucks

Restaurant & Bar Guest Services

Restaurant Pagers, Coat Check Tags & Racks, Crowd Control Stanchions, Commercial Restroom Supplies, Cigarette Receptacles, Neon Signage, Menu Boards

Cash Handling & Cash Security

Cash Registers & Safes

Restaurant & Bar Air Handling Systems

Industrial Air Filters, Air Doors, Wall Exhaust Fans, Restaurant Exhaust Fans

Janitor Carts & Janitor Supplies

Janitorial Carts, Restaurant Mop Buckets, Commercial Mop & Broom Wall Hangers, Cleaning Chemicals

Time Clocks

Manual Time Clock, Touch Screen Time Clocks, Electronic Time Recorder, Employee Time Cards for Stamp Recorders

Restaurant Kitchen Traffic Doors

18" by 84" Double Swinging Doors, Single 36" x 84" Swinging Door with Special Price

Restaurant Smallwares, Minneapolis, St. Paul

Commercial Bakeware

Restaurant Bake Pans, Hotel Sheet Pans, Loaf pan, Spring Form Pans, Cast Iron Pans, Commercial Muffin Pans, Commercial Pie Pans and Cookie Sheets

Kitchen Supplies

Colanders & Strainers, Commercial Cookware, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Stock Pots, Steak Weights, Hot Pads & Mitts, Thermometers, Kitchen Timers

Food Prep Kitchen Tools

Can and Pail openers, Professional Cutlery, Cutting Boards, Measuring Cups and Spoons, Commercial Mixing Bowls, Batter Dispensers, Towels and Dish Cloths, Misc Food Prep & Kitchen Gadgets

Commercial Pizza Restaurant Supplies

Pizza Dough Retarding Boxes, Pizza Dough Proofing Pans, Pizza Cutter Knives & Blades, Pizza Peels, Pizza Screens, Pizza Pans, Oven Brushes, Pizza Perforated Baking Discs

Commercial Restaurant Garnishing Tools

Steam Table Pans & Lids

Restaurant Utensils

Kitchen Tongs, Cooking Spoons, Portion Control Spoons & Dishes, Whisks and French Whips, Turners, Spatulas, Pastry and Basting Brushes

Commercial Food Storage Solutions

Bulk Dry Food Storage & Ingredient Bins, Commercial Food Containers, Food Vacuum Seal Machines

Restaurant & Bar Storage Racks & Solutions

Can & Bun Pan Racks, Baking Racks, Utility Carts and Bus Carts, Dunnage Racks, Pot Racks, Keg Storage, Keg Stackers, Keg bumpers

Restaurant Dining Supplies, Tableware,  Minneapolis, St. Paul

Restaurant Tableware

Pitchers &  Carafes, Plastic Food Baskets, Restaurant Candles and Table Lamps, Dessert and Sundae Dishes, Fajita and Steak Platters, Restaurant Tablecloths and Commercial Table Linens, Table Signs and Number Holders, Sauce Cups and Ramekin Dishes, Tortilla Warmers and Molcajete Bowls, Condiment Holders and Tabletop Organizers

Restaurant Glassware & Bar Glassware

Water Glasses, Rocks Glasses, Pub Glasses, Pilsner Glasses, Mugs, Hi Ball Bar Glasses, Rocks Glasses, Tall Rocks, Wine Glasses, Champagne Glasses, Flutes, Tulip Flutes, Footed Pilsner Glasses, Tumblers, Ice Tea Glasses, Juice Glasses, Schooners, Margarita Glasses, Old Fashoned Glasses, Brandy Glasses, Snifters, Sherry Glasses, Goblets, Hourglass Pilsner Beer Glass, Footed Rocks, Beer Stem Glasses, Martini Glasses, Cosmopolitan Glass, Coffee Cups, Diner Mugs, Espresso Cups, China Cups, tea Cups, Beer Growlers Beer Flight Serving Paddles

Restaurant Flatware

Salad Forks, Oyster Forks, Teaspoons, Demitasse Spoons, Bouillon Soup Spoons, steak knives, three tine forks, four tine forks, Dinner Forks, Dinner Knives, Iced Teaspoons, Dinner Spoons.

Restaurant Dinnerware

Round Dinner Plates and Platters, Oval Dinner Plates and Platters, Melamine Dinner Plates and Platters, Soup Bowls, Fruit Bowls, Cupping Bowls, Tea Saucers, Salad Plates, Pizza Plates, Porcelain Dinnerware, Cambro Tumblers, Casserole Dishes, Pan Servers, Rarebit Bowls, Ramekins, Square Dinner Plates, Rectangular Dinner Plates

Condiment Containers, Shakers, Jars & Bottles

Restaurant Server & Waitress and Waiter Supply

Catering Supplies & Equipment in St. Paul, Minneapolis

Chef's Aprons and Clothing


Server & Waitress Supplies, Minneapolis, St. Paul

Kitchen Equipment, Minneapolis, St. Paul

Commercial Refrigeration, Minneapolis, St. Paul

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